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i need a thick black bisexual escort when i come to vegas. i only see skinny white girls. where do i find what i am looking for?
Seek out the unwashed Mexican families on the Strip that are handing out all the hooker papers and cards.
Hi, My question is why do escorts not see black men mostly?
Its because they dont want to be worn out, right? Why would they see some 64 year-old man, So they dont have to do any work?
I wouldn't know. Perhaps they're making some type of judgmental decision rooted by some type of racism.
Why dont porn stars and escorts see black men but would see anybody that is not black?
its crazy because every race and ethnicity does wrong so how come black men are the only ones single out even black women do it cant people open there eyes and see individuals instead of color does fear blind people that much
Hmmmmm well,It sort of aint the same eh ?
Is it wise to sue my parents for discrimination because of a former black escort girlfriend?
Rose got hooked up with black hustler so my parents stopped helping me. Fast food here and there, bus tickets, and wouldn't help me join the service.
Don't bite the hand that feeds you unless your self sufficient...
Which President ordered the 101st Airborne to escort black students and force Integration in Little Rock?
What party was he affiliated with?
Why is it that some of the African American female "escorts" on craigslist refuse to service black men.?
I find it hard to believe that African American female "escorts" dont want to service black men. I am a African American man I think I am pretty well to do. I know this is going to suck what I am about to say so here it goes. I am married to a white woman she is 12 years my senior, and I do love my wife. But I love my black sisters as well. I really dont feel that what two concenting adults do can be all that harmful. Now I know what I'm saying sounds un-orthodox and probably crazy as well. My only question is Why.
Do they not like brothers?
Where they dissed by brothers?
This is a hard one for me.
Before you judge try to come up with a civilized answer.

You are upset about a Black prostitute discriminating against Black men. Roflmaooooooooooooooooo That is hilarious.
Black people I have a question for you?
What's it like to have sex with a black girl? Ive tried hitting on black girls but they politely say they're not interested, I kinda wanna hire a black escort cause I'm one good-looking white boy but black girls aren't interested, and I'm talking about the curvy ones with African or jamacan accents THAT WOULD BE FUN!
Dude are you serious?
What is the fashionable accessories for a man to give a woman escorting him to a black tie event?
In January, I will be attending a black tie event for the Human Rights Campaign, I am being escorted by my boss, who is a former Mayor, Law School professor, and very successful attorney, I am wondering what is the appropriate accessory? A corsage? wrist or the other kind?
I believe a corsage is in order. As for which variety, the wrist corsage can get in the way if she is wearing a bracelet or a watch. But then the other variety requires pinning which can be difficult.

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