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What do you think about all the Hottie blonde teachers sleeping with their teenage boy students?
I guess this is the latest one? Jeez is she hot or what? Hardly seems like a crime in my eyes...more like a dream come true for a young…
those kind of women are sick in the head. yes it is and always has been a dream of all guys to feel this way about a teacher. it is their hormones kicking in at those ages. it is up to the mature teacher to tell them no. then the teacher should let the parents know so the parents and teacher can explain why this is wrong.
To all the natural blondes out there: Do you feel offended when someone tells a dumb blonde joke?
Cause my blonde teacher laughed her *** off when I told her one
Not exactly answering your question,but I've laughed my *** off in many jokes about women,and I'm one...It's the wit you're laughing for....I think being offended is insecure.
I cant think of the name of this movie! blonde teacher, affair young student, old lady obsessed?
The movie is a about a new blonde teacher in england and gets in an affair with a student but this older teacher is obsessed with the blonde teacher and blackmails her. in the end the blonde teacher gets in trouble.
Notes on a Scandal (2006)
starring Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett, Bill Nighy
IMDb synopsis:
The bitter, cynical and lonely Barbara Covett is a tough and conservative teacher near to retirement who is loathed by her colleagues and students. In the loneliness of her apartment, she spends her spare time writing her journal, taking care of her cat and missing her friend. When Sheba Hart joins the high school as the new art teacher, Barbara dedicates her attention to the newcomer, writing sharp and unpleasant comments about her behavior and clothes. When Barbara helps Sheba in a difficult situation with two students, the grateful Sheba invites her to have lunch with her family. Sheba introduces her husband and former professor Richard Hart; her rebellious teenager daughter, Polly; and her son, Ben, who has Down's Syndrome. Barbara becomes close to Sheba, but when she accidentally discovers that Sheba is having an affair with a 15-year-old student, she sees the chance to manipulate and get closer to Sheba, hiding the secret from the school headmaster.
Here's the movie trailer:…
What you think about the " Blonde- celebrity justice"?
Paris Hilton is sentenced to 45 day in jail but she got no "body search". Yesterday A Blonde Teacher Carrie McCandless wife of a Brighton Charter School Principal was sentenced to 45 day in jail for having sex with a 16 year old. Michelle Rodriguez from Lost spent 3 days in jail because of overcrowding ( shes not blonde but she is a celebrity). Sophia loren Served 18 days for tax evasion. I could spend the whole week..
OJ slit the throat of a blond and walked.
How can I remove blonde streaks from my hair?
I got blonde streaks in my hair, like I do every so often. THEN i got told off for the first time for my hair not being of natural colour. damn teachers in catholic schools. anywayz, i need to remove the blonde streaks that i got done about 6 weeks ago. And I can't buy stuff to take it out, I don't have any money (and my mum won't give me any). btw my hair is light brown.

hhaha this is stupid but if you have nothing else. get a brown sharpie and color them. i mean if yoiu cant buy hair dye. a marker is like a dollar maybe. idk.
How do High School Drama teachers manage race in setting up plays?
Like a production of Othello featuring a blonde as a lead would plot-line probelematic, even if the blond had the best audition.

Or if mother was black in the Glass Menargrie, but had Asian guyren, it would be awkward for the audience.

What sort of poliy do drama teachers have to follow? Are they allowed to deprive people of certian parts due to their race?
Most educational theatre settings are big on colour-blind casting; the person who is best for the part gets it, regardless of race.
Most drama teachers choose what plays they're going to perform, so they won't choose a show with race-specific roles if they know they don't have performers of that race that can handle the role.
How do I make my blonde hair darker without dye?
okay, i have really blonde hair and would like it a few shades darker. unfortunatley, my mom wont let me get it dyed; so i need an alternative.

any suggestions on how i should do this? i have about 2-3 weeks before skool starts and i go to a very strict catholic skool (i hate it there!).
so if one day my hair just suddenly gets darker i will get in trouble by one of the bitchiest teachers i have ever had.

thanks to anyone and everyone who helps!
Wow these people are stupid, the sun makes hair lighter, not darker. The only way to darken hair is to deposit molecules into the hair shaft. This can only be done with dye. Food products like coffee and tea can make hair darker a little, but will be uneven, wash out after one shampoo, and will smell very strong. Ask your mom about a semi permanent color. They are not very damaging. You can do a shampoo cap, where you mix the dye half and half with shampoo. It is a very safe way to subtly( and damage-free) go darker!
I have blonde hair and i want to dye my hair black for dance contest to make my character look better, if i us?
im The Frankstein, in a dance competion but because im blonde my teacher is going to spray my hair black, do you think if used a wash in wash out it will return to blonde. ?
Never ever ever dye your hair black. If you want to do a permanent color use a dark brown (the dark ones look black when they're finished). Don't use a semi-permanent dye because it will stain your hair since it's blond. Try using the spray in kind that washes out right away, you don't want to risk staining your hair and driving yourself crazy to get it back the way you want it.

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