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Are there Gay male Bodybuilders?
I've noticed that most people in bodybuilding are straight. Are there any male bodybuilders that are gay?
LOLOLOLOL....maybe your gaydar's in for a repair. There are a LOT of gay bodybuilders.
Where can I find pictures of male gay/bi/straight bodybuilders?
I'm looking specifically for "clean" still Pix "Portraits" (NO movie clips or downloadable movies) of recent, "REAL", competition ready shape muscular men in "ALL" catigories anywhere, Any site that I can copy their pix. The bigger the better, all serious repiles will be accepted. Thanks
Lots of sites in the internet have pics of "real" bodybuilders.

Drop me a message if you want some tips on sites.
Does it mean a guy is gay if he watches male bodybuilders on the internet?
at school some guy was watching these guys that were lifting weights and he kind of looks gay
do you think he is????
OMG Liking the same sex and wanting a sexual and emotional relationship is what makes you gay. Not clothing or food or watching body builders. He may be watching them to get ideas on how to beef up.
Any male bodybuilders here? im not gay i just need advice.?
which work out plan sounds better to yall?
monday-back, shoulders , bicepts
wendesday- legs and abs
friday-chest ,bicepts , forearms , shoulders.
monday-whole upper body
wednesday-abs and legs
friday-whole upperbody
sunday-abs and legs

p.s. I am a amature fighter , on my off days I am doing boxing, ju jitsu , kick boxing. and its basiclly 4 hours of extreme cardio.
and I know i eat allot of carbs and protien to make up muscle mass.
Okay, check this. If you're looking for bulk and results, I just happened to have spoken with a massive US Soldier who broke down his routine for me. The idea of building muscle is the tearing and rebuilding of muscle fibers. You tear them, then you heal them. His routine, unlike most others, is to work out each muscle only once a week. This gives each muscle 6 days to heal. Only difference is, that you completely and totally max out that muscle on the day you work it. His plan was to do 5 sets of 25. If you cannot do 5 sets of 25 with 1-3 minute breaks between sets, then you are pushing too much weight. Only when you can complete these sets should you increase your weight. This guy eats whatever he wants but supplements that with running 2-4 miles every other day, and maxing out his push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and jumping-jacks every other day (in the morning). Hit me up if you have more questions.
Do you find bodybuilders attractive?
If you are a male, then do you find female bodybuilders attractive, and if you are female do you find male bodybuilders attractive, and if you are gay then do you find same sex bodybuilders attractive?
Not at all. I like really skinny guys who don't have a lot of muscle.
Anyone know about gay male strippers.?
i am 19, im gay and go to uni and im low on money and need a part time job. one of my gay friends suggested of being a entertainer at a gay club and said he knows someone who can get me a job in that area. it sounds like a bit of an adventure and im very fit, sort of a bodybuilder and attractive, that's why my friend suggested it. but getting into this job, will it mean i will have to take it all off? im still a virgin and do i have to have sex? and how much is the pay? i will probably only work at a gay club and don't mind stripping but if its got anything to do with sex im out. please tell me ur experiences or others you have heard
If your an entertainer at a gay club, I'm assuming go go dancing. No your not going to have sex with customers or take all of it off I always go to gay clubs and the dancers only wear a thong with lots of body oil dancing for 2 -3 hours than switch. But you might meet some guys after your shift is over if you do wanna have sex but that's your choice.

Have Fun!

Don't do anything stupid!

They will tell you how much you get paid after your hired!
Gay guys, will female bodybuilders do for you?
since i understand that homosexual males are attracted to the physical attributes of the same sex, so i was wondering will ripped hard vascular & muscular female bodybuilders do for you, since the FBBs bodies are almost identical to of a male body. please advice
I can't even think of any straight guys that find FBB's attractive, let alone any gay guys who would even consider it.
Is it possible for a male to appreciate the beauty in another male without being considered "gay"?
Okay so check it..I have a male co-worker/friend whos a bodybuilder and when this kneegrow does these bodybuilding competitons he takes it upon himself to distribute his half bucket neeguy pics with him in a thong around the office..

Most of our co-workers are black women so when they see the pics they act in typical black women fashion. Now Im confused on how im supposed to react these pics when they get to me, cause the dude is sitting right next to me with this big cheesy smile on his face..Im not sure If Im supposed to say.."Dayuummm look at those pecs and azz'..Or am I to act unimpressed potientially upsetting this clucka. The pics are nice btw (no homo)..How should a Black American like me act cause that "gay" ish aint part of my culture.
Knew you were "down low."
Where can I meet intelligent gay guys?
I'm 20 and in college, and I really want a relationship. I'm not into the super artsy or bodybuilder type of guys.

I'm looking for someone who is smart and into the same sort of things that I am. I have a lot of good male friends, but I don't think any are gay, and I don't know where to look.

The LGBT group here is full of the whiners who are basically girls in a guy's body, and every meeting just becomes a celebrity gossip session. other than that thing, if you're interested in sites, i really don't know.
i haven't used that at all but do know someone who just got an account on it, so i really don't know anything else besides the obvious about it. it Does look cool for smart people though xD

if you prefer to meet them in person first, i guess it really depends on where you hang out. a lot of gay guys are immature at that age because a lot of people Period are immature at that age. it's just really hard to find someone who shouldn't still be in 8th grade. buuutt, i'm sure it'll happen. when you do meet someone cool, it'll just mean that much more.

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