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Why are men and women judged differently?
My friend played with an on-line dating site, and posted her photo there. It was of her on the beach - it's hot where she lives - in long shorts and a T-shirt with stripes. When it came to posting her photo, she was deleted and banned from that site.
At the same time we browsed men and saw them posing on-line in skimpy underwear and topless. I never forget a man in leather G-string, with his huge belly overhanging it, and the G-string cutting deeply into his flesh; and the other one, topless, with a huge hairy belly and huge hairy drooping ti///ts (he needed a bra to keep them up, they reached his navel!).
It's so strange to me: men in underwear or topless with ugly hairy breasts are fine, and a woman in a tee and shorts is... bad?
There must have been some other reason. Dating sites don't generally do that. Recheck your posting. Maybe something she said or some other reason.
Skirts for Men? Men and Women opinions?
Men: A very, very, very, long time ago in the old ages men whore skirt type clothing and leggings. If today men's skirts where put on the market, and where becoming popular would you wear them? Its said that skirts would help men with jock itch, and body odors, by keeping men cooler. Also there more comfortable to ware. There could also be more benefits to wearing skirts. Now would you wear them? If not....say why you would not wear one, and your opinion.....and if you would please state why you would like to, and what would be the benefits of skirts for men, and your opinion.

Women: Do you think skirts for men are a good idea? It could help with some manly problems, and give men more class. Its said that lose fitting skirts are comfortable to wear. Kind of like walking around in your underwear at home. Would you let your boyfriend/husband etc. ware one? Or make them ware one? What would be the benefits of men wearing skirts? Let my know your opinion why you like or dislike the idea of skirts for men? Also a question for you women, do you like hairy men? In a study its said the body hair can carry more parasites, fungus, and body odor. Even if they shower daily. Would you be in favor of men shaving off there body hair?
I think men should have the same freedoms that women enjoy. If women can wear pants and other men's clothes, then there should be no reason why men can't wear skirts and dresses.

Its just a matter of social convention. I'd have no problem dating a guy who wears skirts as long as he isn't trying to impersonate a woman. I think it's cool to challenge social convention. You would be freeing all men from the tyranny of trousers.

That said, I don't like it when men create a female alter-ego, give themselves a feminine name, and insist on using female pronouns.
POLL: Do you think Homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt Guyren?
I don't think so.
If they want to marry, fine.

But can you imagine two big hairy 200+ pound men prancing around in leather underwear all day, with an 8 year old little girl living there too?

She'd be traumatized!

Since I think moral stability is important in any household, it should be restricted solely to financially stable and moral heterosexual couples. I really think that.
I agree. I'd probably be driven to suicide cause you know everyone would make fun of you. Most people only think of themselves and don't realize that the guy will be affected too.
WOMEN: Why do you love men? We're smelly, hairy, and easily distracted?
I mean, if you dated women you could make-out in the locker room, have pillow fights every night (in your underwear), and Bedazzle things all day long.
1. because women are born to love men, it's what we do
2. we LIKE your smell (unless you smell like mouldy ****)
3. not all of you are hairy, but some like the hair to. i personally dont.
4. guys are (sometimes) funny, sweet, can carry our bags for us, can spend lots of money on us, force us to eat loads and drink beeer... what more could we want?
5. ... why do you like women? we're hairy, have beach balls on our chests (aka boobs), are fussy, overly hygienic, are completelky obsessed with our looks... ???
What's the best and worst music video you have ever watched?
I don't care by Apocalyptica feat. Adam Gontier

Kryptonite by 3 doors down
The song is one of their best but who wants to see a hairy old man walking around his house in nothing but his underwear.
best video dirty by cristina .worst pokerface by lady gaga
I Have A Question...?
So, here's the deal. If you don't believe me, sorry...Every word is verifiably true...

When I was 15 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, not long after I found out that my step-dad had just gotten my best friend pregnant. I did what any self-respecting girl would do the next year, arranged for an age marriage that lasted about 4 months, until I found out my best friend was pregnant with my husband's guy.

So I left the state and started anew with a new guy and a GED in tow. I decided college was a good idea, so I enrolled in online classes because people scare me. I got an associates degree before divorcing my second husband.

Then I met my best online friend of 6 years, who came over on a work visa from South Africa. We got married 3 months later so he could stay in the country... He did not get my ex-best friend pregnant, though I did catch him in bed with HIS best friend, another guy. The next day I got an email telling me that he's realized he's gay. He flew back to South Africa without saying goodbye and now frolics under satin sheets with hairy fat men in cheetah-print underwear in a house known as a 24/7 homosexual orgy.

My fourth husband beat the **** out of me, causing me to have a miscarriage. He's also, surprisingly, crazier than I am.

So here's my question...I have a date with a guy I met on Craigslist last night. I'm 26 years old. Should I wear red shoes or black?
I'm so sorry that all this has happened to you :(

Wear black shoes.
POLL: How much do HATE when people TOUCH your STUFF?
I hate it a lot, but today, my sister left the most bizarre stuff on an MS document. I am not a troll people, this stuff is legitimate... my sister is 13 and loves to annoy me... has she taken it too far?

This is what she left. Pick your favourite... LOL:
"Maynards will one day rule the earth
The queen will commit suicide on January 1st 2012
Zac efron will be diagnosed with lung cancer
Tomorrow Mark Benson will wear the color red
A Bengali lady will get hit by a camel
You will be pwned
A shirtless yet extremely hairy man will knock on your door and hand you pink underwear
The next guest to come over will be abducted by aliens
All trees will one day become alive
A one eyed donkey will offer you a ride to York which is now named Toronto
The mall will be over ruled by Asians
Justin beiber will die due to depression
You will one day give birth to a fat guy who picks his nose with his toe and will stay nude for the rest of his life
The smell of skunks will be a new kind of perfume
Every player on the red sox will grow red beards
A box of honey nut cheerio’s will be worth millions in the year 2011
Black will be the new pink
Rectangles are triangles and circles do not have a radius
Wearing hats will be illegal
Monkeys are gonna be extinct tomorrow
Donald trump will fly on a plane and somehow land on the set of LOST
Teachers will be hired not to teach human guyren but sloth guyren
Im blind but can see
Isaac Newton will be in your next dream dressed as a clown
Mtv is created by caveman
Doctors will become drunks
Male stripping would be a trend
Bread slices are shaped like demented triangles
You wish you had a beard
Why don’t cars have rectangular shaped wheels?
I feel extremely attracted to my bathroom curtain
Being bashed on the head by a baseball bat is awesome!
Corbin blue is gayer then a male stripper known as your best friends grandpa!
The rick mercer report is freakin sick *** tight!

Oh ya and straws are made out of a babies finger nails."
all i have to say is that SHE IS THE ONE THAT THE PROPHESY HAS TOLD US ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whats your real name female or male?

if you were reincarnated would YU be pres bush's underwear OR a cows utter

starbursts or skittles?

Purple or Blue?

~girls: very hairy man legs for life OR "peach fuzz" mustache for life?:D
~guys:big man boobies or a HAIRY face?

fav cartoon character?


chocolate or vanilla?

Do yu have a tattoo?

TRAVEL to paris or hawaii?

will you donate a star for my question?

ZODIAC sign?

A taste you hate?

FART IN THE STORE VERY LOUD"no smell" or fart in front of your sig. other\crush\sumone you like at home and stink the house up?

favorite celeb? hated celeb?

I have NEVER __________? Fill in the blank....


If you were an animal what would it be?

¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨) <copy and paste this on with your answers if yur in love...

*yes i kno certain beleifs dont believe in being reincarnated , and wanna answer neithr or none but its for fun so just answer..... kk :D!!
lol umm..more like none
Hairy legs
i cant remember..i think leo or cancer
in the store very loud no smell
Favorite:Beyonce, Hated: I dont know maybe The Jonas Brothers
i have never HAD SEX
I live in the Caribbean
lol maybe a cat

Good survey! =]
Why do some of the most ugliest people always feature in english commercials?
Is it like a law or something that the most disgusting, flat out ugly people get to star in the commercials on english television. It's so nasty, sorry but WHY? i'm watching tv and all of the sudden a semi nude fat,slobby, hairy...extremly hairy man jumps around while making some lame typical english jokes in a typical self satire humor or whatever in his boxers or should i say "knickers" because they basically look like ladies underwear anyways don't they? And also there is some commercial going on E4 i think where two ugly people are making out and you can litterally see the spit trading going on. It's disgusting!

I know you want to see "normal" regular, everyday kind of people that you can "relate too" and so on but WHY semi nude and WHY while making out and why in make up commercial (not the imported ones from america) and why in all the tan lotion commercials i mean WHY?? also WHY in these soaps? eastenders,hollyoaks...i mean bloody hell!
Just reflecting society as a whole.
were both guys and we both have hair on our privates and butt my cousin is older than me he is 22 and im 14 and i was sleeping with nothing on except my underwear and my cousin comes in and gives me wedgie with all my hairy butt showing in his face and he starts laughing then he pulls my underwear off and my legs are opened as i get down to get my underwear my tanned hairy balls were showing and hanging down and them my cousin tells me "dude you got a hairy butt but your balls are really hairy i saw your balls man" should i be worried?

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