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Does Anybody Like Twinks?
I'm kind of bummed out because every time I see a muscular guy he's always with another muscular guy, or if i see a bear they're always with another bear. And it sucks cuz I'm not really attracted to twinks but I am one.... is anybody attracted to twinks at all? Or do they just usually just stick with each other lol?
As a bisexual that's pretty much the only type of guy I go for. Maybe it's because they're more feminine? Idk, but I'm a pretty masculine guy, and the last thing I'd want is someone like myself.
Do people buy level 70 twinks in wow?
I quite playing wow when the expansion came out, but i have 3 level 70s a few twinks and a bunch of other characters.My main was a pally in 4/5 brutal, with merc shoulders. The 70 druid is in pretty good pvp gear, mostly venge and brutal, the hunter sucks but he is still 70. My question is, is there any demand at all for good 70s anymore? and how much might this account sell for?
I don't think so. You could always give it a shot.
Why do so many gay men talk with a lisp and act effeminate?
I have no problem with gays. NONE! But I am curios why many gay men meet this stereotype. Do they try too? Or is stuff like the lisp genetics. I don't think the Roman Emperor Hadrian (who was very gay: acted like this. Personally I prefer gay men like Hadrian and Niel Patrick Harris--ones that act like real Men, not feminized sissies. Though it is easier to get one of the twinks to suck you off :).
Probably due to the fact that the effeminate ones are the obvious ones?

Actually, more gay guys are like Neil Patrick Harris than they are like Gene Simmons.
Do people really think skinny = feminine?
I'm not a feminine guy, but it seems like people seem to divide people into muscular masculine guys and skinny twinks. I'm a skinny guy, but I'm more on the masculine side. I don't seem to fit into any of the stereotypical feminine things. I feel it would suck to have people look at me being skinny and think I'm a femme, although I act like a masculine dude...
it's not your body type it's about your personality if you present yourself as masculine than you will be viewed as masculine
Dentists and Orthodontists help a U.S Soldier please?
I am currently deployed and the dental work i can only get is basicly to help me not for looks. i know i have bad teeth, it sucks ive had to deal with it all my life but i want to change that.

i want to get Veneers the permanant kind that last 10 to 20 years. i just want to know the price for 6 maybe 8 teeth and can someone tell me the pro's and con's of having it done?

as far as the bottom's i would like to get braces but i dont know if my teeth can be helped anymore. can a DENTIST or orthodontist take a look at the picture and tell me if its still possible to straighten them? if so how long? and how much?

if i can get the bottoms straightend and get veneers on the tops i think ill be good any suggestions?

Also anyone who has had them (veener) done and had financing how much is it a month?
please i feel like killing my self im tired of having bad teeth its frustrating!!!

Your teeth aren't in as bad of shape as you think and yes, orthodontic work can be done but needs to be done on both the upper and the lower. Both of your arches need work; you can't just correct the bite on the lower and leave the upper, you have to correct the alignment of both.

As for price, it varies from orthodontist to orthodontist and city to city. You can expect to pay somewhere between $5,000.00-7,000.00 for orthodontics. Most have payment plans available with a minimal down payment. Your monthly payment will be based on your down payment.

You would have no need for veneers for your teeth and I would never recommend them with your bite.

The composite filling in the middle of the centrals can be removed and a new one that matches your shade better can be placed making it un noticeable.

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